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Laser texturing adds to and extends the technologies offered by GF Machining Solutions. With our laser technology we enable you to produce texturizing, engraving, microstructuring, marking and labeling of 2D geometries right through to complex 3D geometries. 

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EDM can be used to machine conductive materials of any hardness (for example steel or titanium) to an accuracy of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter with no mechanical action. By virtue of these properties, EDM is one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. 

GF AgieCharmillles is the world’s leading provider of machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The product range includes: electric discharge machines, high-speed and high performance milling machines, and laser texturing machines.



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The high speed milling machines manufactured in Switzerland by GF Machining Solutions are 10 times faster than conventional milling in term of cutting speed. Greater accuracy and a better surface finish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use. One essential advantage of HSM is that with systematic integration, the process chain can be significantly shortened.​

TekQuest is a distributor of leading edge technology Including industrial 3d Printers, Wire EDM Machines, Die Sinking Machines, and 5 Axis Milling MAchines.  The key to our longevity and success is our drive to provide a measurable competitive advantage to our customers.


The video above shows how Plastic Laser Sintering Technology from EOS was used by New Balance to make great products for athletes that were previously impossible to make. 

Plastic Laser Sintering Technology

EOS  e-Manufacturing Solutions provides an extensive portfolio of innovative laser sintering systems and service and software solutions for rapid prototyping and serial production runs.  Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, overcomes the limits imposed by conventional production techniques.  It is  a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material

Experience innovative solutions for your process chain and learn what value 3D printing can drive for your business: Welcome to EOS, the innovation leader in industrial 3D printing As a producer of systems for the additive manufacturing of components in metal and polymers we enable our customers to produce high quality products based on industrial 3D printing technologies.

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